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Get Ready for H1B Season: Now Accepting FY2015 Applications! Our Immigration Law YouTube Channel: AskMyLawyer segments and More!!
We are proud to offer U.S. immigration topics in Video format for the convenience of our audiences. These include special topics on US Immigration Law, AskMyLawyer Q &A section and more.
Attorney Jacob Sapochnick in ESPN Story About Stopping Deportation for a Client
We have received so many emails of support since the ESPN story about Ayded Reyes came out last week. Obtaining a fast and timely termination of her deportation was our main goal here at the office, and we did it.
San Diego Immigration Attorney - Quoted in Hotel News Now About Law Changes Make H-2B Visa Program More Challenging for Hotels
Jacob was interviewed by Hotel News Now, leading news source for the global Hotel Industry. He was quoted in 2 articles about H2B visas and Unemployment in the US.
Voted Best Rated Immigration Law Firm in San Diego
As we begin this new year, we wanted to thank our clients and site visitors for making us the Top Rated Law firm on Google this 3rd year in a row.
Happy New Year 2010! Jacob Sapochnick - Quoted in the Silicon Valley's Mercury News About Layoffs and Lost Wages for H-1B Visa Holders
Last week Jacob was interviewed by Pete Carey, senior reporter at the Mercury News. The leading publication in Silicon Valley.
New Website Launched Devoted to Intercountry Adoption
Department of State announced the launch of a website devoted exclusively to intercountry adoption, with information such as who is eligible to adopt, from which countries Americans adopt children, what protections the Hague Adoption Convention provides families, and more.
DOS Final Rule on Certifications for Certain Healthcare Professionals
The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has issued a final rule on a previously-issued interim rule that requires both immigrant and nonimmigrant health care workers to obtain certification of their educational and licensure credentials prior to being admitted to the U.S. to work in certain health care occupations.
Update From USCIS on the Most Recent New Regulations
The most recent update on the status of regulations regarding the following: AC21, CSPA, T regulations for adjustment of status, U, EB-5, religious workers, TN (3 year periods of admission) and Replacement of Forms I-551 without an expiration date (I-90s).
DHS Secretary On Visa Waiver Program Changes
During a roundtable with reporters from select visa waiver program countries, DHS Chertoff said, "For tourists who are going to be using the program, they must register online with the Electronic System of Travel Authorization."
President Signs Military Personnel Citizenship Processing Act
President Bush signed into law the Military Personnel Citizenship Processing Act. The law requires that USCIS process and issue a citizenship decision within six months of receiving an application from a current or former member of the armed forces.
DV-2010 Green Card Lottery Online Entry Begins on October 2, 2008
The DV-2010 Lottery online entry begins at Noon EDT on October 2, 2008, and ends at Noon EST on December 1, 2008. Information and instructions for the DV-2009 lottery will appear soon on the DOS website. Please check this web page at a later time for Diversity Visa information updates.
USCIS Provides Guidance On the New Naturalization Test
USCIS announced a redesigned naturalization test and will begin administering the redesigned (new) naturalization test on October 1, 2008. USCIS released a chart to determine which test individuals should take.
USCIS Revises Filing Instructions for Form I-751
USCIS announced revised filing instructions for Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. As of 9/24/08, USCIS will only accept forms dated 8/25/08 and reject previous editions of the form. Effective immediately, all I-751s must be filed with either the VSC or CSC.
Unlawful Presence - Now Also Applied to Minors!
We are reporting on concerning news regarding unlawful presence under INA Section 212(a)(9)(C) as applied to minors. We have learned that the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has made a significant change in the interpretation of unlawful presence as it relates to minors.
Attorney Jacob Sapochnick - Quoted in ComputerWorld and Reuters News About H-1B Visas to be Filed This Week
Our Blog is being read by thousands of Media outlets across the Globe. I was happy to be interviewed by ComputerWorld about the recent H1B filing madness.
ICE Announces Program to Ask People to Turn Themselves In
ICE announces a pilot program it dubs "Scheduled Departure" to ask those with final orders of deportation to turn themselves in for removal.
Biometric Changes for Re-Entry Permits and Refugee Travel Documents USCIS Tijuana Field Office is Closing!
The Tijuana Field Office is closing on July 3, 2008 and to prepare, the agency stopped accepting the following applications and transferred responsibilities as explained here.
U.S.- UK Border Agencies Agreement to Expedite Travel
U.S. Customs and Border Protection signed a joint agreement with the government of the UK to develop a bilateral program to facilitate travel between the two countries.
Record Number of Visas to Students to Study in the United States
Department of State has issued a record number of visas to students to study in the United States, exceeding pre-9/11 levels. During Fiscal Year 2007, the Department issued more than 651,000 student and exchange visitor visas - 10 percent more than last year and 90,000 more than were issued in Fiscal Year 2001.
Revised Guidance on Child Status Protection Act!
USCIS issued guidance that will modify its earlier interpretation of the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) which permits applicants for certain immigration benefits to retain classification as a child even if he or she has reached the age of 21.
Archive Tips on I-140 RFEs
We provide Tips on I-140 RFEs. The tip includes: instructions on responding to RFE within the regulation's short timeframe; instructions to follow after a petition has been denied as abandoned for failure to respond to an RFE.
Listen to Attorney Jacob Sapochnick on Talk Radio KCBQ 1170 AM, 9pm Tonight
Attorney Sapochnick is a regular legal analyst on immigration issues on this show and will discuss the upcoming elections and related immigration issues.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the changes, to remember that we, too, grow and change from one season of life to another.
San Diego Immigration Lawyer Warns That Notarios, Visa Consultants, and Immigration Consultants are Not Attorneys
Read this notice warning the public of immigration fraud by notarios and consultants the Executive Officer for Immigration Review (EOIR) will post in Immigration Courts in California and on EOIR’s website.
Season's Greetings From Our Family to Yours!
We wish you the best this holiday season. May the holidays be filled with joy for you and your family.
2009 Changes to the LCA Process Raise Concerns About H1B Visa Issuance
Employers planning to file H1B visa petitions for H1B professionals may face more tough times in 2009.Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has announced its intention to make procedural changes to the labor condition application (LCA) process.
OPT and Cap-Gap Guidance for Students
USCIS Q&As on post completion practical training and F-1 status under cap gap regulations address the automatic extension of F-1 student status in the U.S. for certain students with pending or approved H-1B petitions.
H1B Quota Not Filled - We Are Still Accepting New Cases!
The USCIS has recently released a statement that the H1B Visa caps for Fiscal Year 2010 have not yet been filled. This means that applicants and employers can still file for new visas.
Immigration Reform This Year: President and Congress Will Push for CIR This Year
President Barak Obama renewed his Administration’s pledge to pursue comprehensive immigration reform, the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) announced its intention to recalibrate its worksite enforcement actions to focus more on criminal prosecutions of employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers.
H1B Cap Cases for FY2011: Now Accepting New Cases!
We are accepting H1B cases for FY2011. We have a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals in our nonimmigrant department who are currently working on new H1B cap-subject cases.
Season's Greetings and Happy New Year to All Our Clients and Friends!!
We wish you and yours a happy holiday season filled with joy and may the coming year be overflowing with all the good things in life!
San Diego Immigration Attorney - Featured in San Diego Reader About Birthright Citizenship Deferred Action and DREAM Act Students - Pre-Screening for the Executive Order!!
We are now accepting calls at 619.819.9204 for Pre-Screening for the Executive Order regarding Dream Act Students that was issued by President Obama Friday, June 15th.
Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours!!!
Autumn is a season of transition. But it also brings Thanksgiving, which reminds us to thank YOU, our clients and loyal site visitors. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy time with family and be safe!!
F2A Family Category Current in August: Certain Green Card Holders Can File Adjustment of Status
Breaking News Based on the August Visa Bulletin. If you are a Permanent Resident (Green Card holder), and your spouse is currently legal in the United States, as of August 1, 2013 you could file for Adjustment of Status (I-485 Benefits).
Client Reviews
Great immigration lawyer, very professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Jacob always answered my questions, e-mails and calls; great customer service from him and everybody at his office. I highly recommend Jacob, probably the best immigration lawyer out there. Plinio Franca
I trust you know how much all of us at the Spreckels Organ Society appreciate your incredible generosity in providing legal assistance with the visas required by the international artists last year during our International Summer Organ Festival. We consider it an honor that you and your firm provided this service, and were delighted to publicize your firm in our concert materials. George H.
That's good news on the approval of our 3 executive L1A visas. You fought a tough RFE, but we won. We are pleased to be working with you. KB is also bringing passports tomorrow again to the US Embassy in Tashkent for visa processing. We look forward to his arrival to the US. Sarvar
I wanted to thank again and again for obtaining my E1 Treaty Trader visa for me. The process was not easy, especially since our trade was all based on Technology. You knew the law, and was able to craft an outstanding file to be presented to Immigration. We are now ready to take the business to the next level. Toda Raba
Thanks for helping me with my marriage-based immigration case. You were very accessible - taking my calls, returning my messages and emails promptly. You answered all my questions. I was most impressed and relieved that you attended the immigration interview with me and my wife. You made the whole process streamline and simple. You really know your stuff, and you're a nice, friendly guy as well. Shane P.