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The Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick can provide information, guidance and assistance to our clients on immigration matters for the international movement and relocation of employees and new hires to and between countries worldwide.

Our international team can design a plan of action specifically tailored to the requirements of the corporate client enabling the seamless movement of employees regardless of origin or destination. We offer state of the art technology to keep the flow of information constant and accurate and benchmark practices worldwide. We offer a fully secure web-based case management system and our on-line questionnaires enable your employees to populate our database with their information at anytime of the day or night.

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We provide cost-effective solutions to reliably secure and maintain visas for international travel and employment. We assist your immigration administrators to develop and implement a global immigration program for day-to-day operations and for overall policy and process management.

We provide a single point of contact to our worldwide network of reputable and established foreign immigration service providers. We ensure that all our outbound co-counsel are highly qualified to provide the services required in the local jurisdiction of the destination country.

For more information about our global immigration solutions, please contact Jacob Sapochnick at or call 619 819 92 04 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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