ICE Announces Program to Ask People to Turn Themselves In

ICE announces a pilot program it dubs "Scheduled Departure" to ask those with final orders of deportation to turn themselves in for removal.

The program complements ICE’s Fugitive Operations Program which targets fugitive aliens for arrest and removal from the United States. ICE’s fugitive operations teams give top priority to cases involving fugitive aliens who pose a threat to national security and community safety; and thus far in FY 2008, they arrested more than 26,000 fugitives and other immigration status violators. There are 90 active fugitive operations teams, with 15 more scheduled to be deployed in the next two months.

Initially, the Scheduled Departure Program will run from Aug. 5 to Aug. 22 and may be expanded as ICE continues to evaluate the pilot. Participation in the program ends the risk of sudden arrest and detention for certain non-criminal fugitives. Those with families can particularly benefit from this program. It allows qualifying aliens to make removal arrangements without being held in custody, which will ease their transition and minimize the impact of their removal on their loved ones.

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