H1B Cap Case Interest List!

Our Law Firm will start forming a list of those that are interested in using our firm for the filing of H1B cap subject cases for Fiscal Year 2009. Due to the limited cap numbers, and the expectation that they will be exhausted on the first day of filing, we will start accepting these cases on January 4, 2007. They will be prepared in advance for filing on the first possible day of filing, April 1, 2008. They will have a requested employment start date of October 1, 2008. Those that are interested may place their contact info on a list to be contacted when we start accepting H1B cap subject cases.
Due to the limited numbers of H2B visas for the second part of the year we will be accepting new H2B applications as of December 5th, 2007. We anticipate all new H2B cases to run our very fast as well.

By placing your name on this list, you are indicating that you are interested in potentially hiring our Law Firm for representation in a cap subject H1B case or cases. We will start accepting this type of case on January 4, 2007, and will contact those on our list at that time.

Please click here to sign up on the interest list.

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