How Can We Expedite an FBI Name Check?

February 23, 2007 - How many of you have a case pending FBI name check? You passed the marriage interview or Citizenship, but the case can not be approved due to thsi delay.

A February 20, 2007 news release from USCIS indicates that USCIS no longer requests the FBI to expedite a name check when the sole reason is federal litigation. The current approved criteria for expediting an FBI name check are provided.

USCIS may continue to request an expedited FBI name check if the case meets one of the other approved criteria, including:

  1. Military deployment,
  2. Age-out cases not covered under the Child Status Protection Act, and applications affected by sunset provisions such as diversity visas,
  3. Significant and compelling reasons, such as critical medical conditions, and
  4. Loss of social security benefits or other subsistence at the discretion of the USCIS District Director.

The FBI name check is an invaluable part of the security screening process, ensuring that our immigration system is not used as a vehicle to harm our nation or its citizens. USCIS also requests an FBI name check to screen out people who seek immigration benefits improperly or fraudulently and ensure that only eligible applicants receive benefits.

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