Processing Times

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services : USCIS
CalendarProcessing Times for Field Office, Service Center, IPO, and International Operations Offices
U.S. Department of State : DOS
CalendarVisa Appointment and Processing Wait Times
Average for a Nonimmigrant appointment at a Consulate
U.S. Department of Labor : DOL
CalendarForeign Labor Cert Processing Times & Dates
The priority date is generally the date the Department of Labor receives the labor certification application.

USCIS - Case status online

USCIS - Forms online
We link directly to the USCIS's own forms page. In this way, you have access to the most complete, up to date forms the USCIS has available. You should be aware that many of these forms require fees and may require accompanying documents, as well.

USCIS - List of Approved Doctors

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