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Immigration in the Trump Era

Since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, there have been profound, volatile, and drastic changes to our country’s immigration laws. Immigration in the Trump Era is our version of a recap of everything President Trump has done with regard to immigration, since taking office. Nearly every morning, Americans wake up to newly signed executive orders, and presidential proclamations, many of which have profound and lasting effects on immigration policies and/or law. When it comes to immigration, the Trump administration has made it its mission to make radical changes to laws put into place by his predecessors.

The topic of immigration, aside from being a contentious political topic, is very personal and emotional to those adversely affected by these changes. Our nation has been recognized as a melting pot by most other countries in the world, where dreams can come true and expectations can be fulfilled. The recent changes regarding the termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and the Travel Ban, to name a few, are deeply troubling. These decisions have caused an uproar among the American public, and the international community, who disagree with the administration’s decisions.

This Immigration in the Trump Era page will provide you with posts written by San Diego immigration lawyer, Jacob Sapochnick, and his team of skilled and dedicated immigration lawyers. This page will serve as a one stop shop for all things Trump, and immigration related events, as well as informational posts, and guidance for those affected by these changes.

More so than any other president in the history of our nation, Trump has made overhauling immigration one of his top priorities, so much so that his policies have made headlines across the nation and the globe. The issue of immigration and the legality of individuals in the United States is being questioned on a daily basis, and the validity of their stay in the United States is now more than ever in danger. We are here to make sure that our community is taken care of, and that our readers explore all legal avenues available to them, even with the frequent and numerous changes being made by our government.

We invite you to read our posts on Immigration in the Trump Era. A lot has happened this year, and more is to come. We are hopeful that this page will help shed some light on numerous immigration matters of vital importance in the time of President Trump. More posts are sure to come with the ever-changing status of immigration in the United States of America. We thank you for joining us.

Trump to Extend March 5th DACA Deadline Should Congress Fail to Act - October 16, 2017 Immigration Roundup: Supreme Court Dismisses One of Two Travel Ban Cases and White House Unveils List of Demands in Deal to Protect Dreamers - October 13, 2017 FAM: Presumption of Fraud for Non-Immigrants Seeking Adjustment of Status within 90 Days of Entry - September 28, 2017 Trump Unveils Travel Ban 3.0 Suspending and/or Limiting Admission of Foreign Nationals from Chad, North Korea, Venezuela, and Somalia - September 26, 2017 National Venture Capital Association Files Lawsuit to Enforce International Entrepreneur Rule - September 21, 2017 President Trump Will Support Legislation for Dreamers If Congress Funds Border Wall - September 15, 2017 ICE Cancels Large Scale Nationwide Immigration Raids Amid Hurricane Crisis - September 11, 2017 Debunking Common Immigration Law Myths - September 7, 2017 Everything You Need to Know About the End of DACA - September 5, 2017 President to Announce End of the DACA program as early as Friday according to a Senior Administration Official - August 31, 2017 This Week in Immigration - August 25, 2017 How Buy American, Hire American is Affecting H1B workers - August 19, 2017 California files lawsuit over Trump’s Sanctuary City EO - August 15, 2017 The Potential Impact of the RAISE Act on the country’s economy - August 11, 2017 GOP Senators Introduce RAISE Act to Slash Immigration in Half - August 3, 2017 Hope for Dreamers: A Path to Conditional Permanent Residence? - July 31, 2017 How to Protect Yourself as an Undocumented Immigrant living under President Trump - July 28, 2017 SCOTUS Exempts Extended Family Members from Travel Ban, Bans Refugees Pending Lawsuit - July 20, 2017 Federal Judge Declares Extended Family Members Exempt from Travel Ban - July 17, 2017 DHS Officially Delays Enforcement of International Entrepreneur Rule - July 13, 2017 Trump Administration to Undo International Entrepreneur Rule - July 10, 2017 This week in Immigration: Enforcement of Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration - July 7, 2017 EO Update: 90-Day Travel Ban Begins at 8:00 PM EST - June 29, 2017 SCOTUS Allows Parts of Travel Ban to Take Effect and Agrees to Hear Travel Ban Case - June 26, 2017 CBP Updates FAQs Relating to Changes to the Visa Waiver Program - June 20, 2017 The Fate of the Travel Ban - June 15, 2017 Ninth Circuit Court Rejects the President’s Travel Ban - June 12, 2017 U.S. Embassies and Consulates Enhance Vetting of Visa Applicants - June 6, 2017 Trump’s Budget Targets Sanctuary Cities and Aims to Crackdown on Immigration - June 1, 2017 Breaking: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Block on the Muslim Travel Ban - May 25, 2017 Texas Cracks Down on Sanctuary Cities and Files Lawsuit to Protect SB4 Amid Challenges - May 22, 2017 Ninth Circuit Court Hears Oral Arguments Opposing the President’s Travel Ban - May 15, 2017 Trump Administration on the move to Facilitate Detention and Deportation of Undocumented Persons - April 14, 2017 Federal Judge from Hawaii Issues a Preliminary Injunction Blocking the President’s Travel Ban Indefinitely - March 30, 2017 Secretary of State Orders Consulates to Adopt Tougher Visa Screening and Vetting for Visa Applicants - March 27, 2017 Recap: What’s new in immigration - March 23, 2017 President Trump’s New Travel Ban Strikes Out Once Again in Federal Court - March 16, 2017 With Only Three Days Left Until the New Travel Ban is Enforced, Federal Judges Prepare to Hold Hearings Against the Order - March 13, 2017 USCIS Will Temporarily Suspend H-1B Premium Processing Beginning April 3, 2017 - March 9, 2017 Trump Issues NEW Executive Order Banning Citizens of 6 Muslim Majority Countries Effective March 16, 2017 - March 6, 2017 President Trump’s Overall Immigration Message Strikes Conciliatory Tone But Misses the Mark - March 3, 2017 DHS Releases New Immigration Enforcement Improvement Policies Authorizing Expedited Removal of Undocumented Immigrants - February 23, 2017 Dreamer Arrested During Immigration Raids - February 16, 2017 Immigration Raids Sweep the United States: How You Can Protect Yourself - February 13, 2017 Ninth Circuit Rules Against the President’s Travel Ban - February 9, 2017 Seattle Federal Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Halting Travel and Refugee Ban - February 6, 2017 Information for LPRs regarding the President’s Executive Order & Consequences of Signing Form I-407 Abandonment of LPR Status - February 2, 2017 DHS Releases Statement on Compliance with Federal Court Order Blocking Muslim Ban - January 30, 2017 BREAKING: Federal Judge Grants Emergency Stay Allowing LPRs and Visa Holders In Transit to Legally Enter the United States - January 28, 2017 UPDATE: Official Summary of the Presidential Executive Order Suspending Visa Issuance for “Countries of Particular Concern,” and Temporary Ban on Refugees - January 28, 2017 Advice for Dreamers and the Future of DACA - January 23, 2017 BREAKING: Senators Introduce Bipartisan “BRIDGE” Act to Protect DACA Recipients from Deportation - December 13, 2016 President-Elect Donald Trump Discusses the Future of Dreamers in New Time magazine Interview - December 8, 2016 Where is expanded DACA and DAPA now? - November 29, 2016 The Uncertain Future of DACA Discussed - November 14, 2016 As Uncertainty Looms What Can We Expect from the Trump Administration? - November 10, 2016
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