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A global economy demands global solutions to business and employment immigration and corporate relocation needs. Our Global Immigration practice offers an integrated approach in both securing and managing our Client's immigration status needs in multiple jurisdictions throughout the world. Whether you are a US based company seeking to expand your business internationally, set up new offices or transfer local workers, we can help you get started.

Via our single global network, we ensure consistent standards in responding to client inquiries and offering expedited processing and entry advice, in the preparation and submission of immigrant and non-immigrant (work permit/employment authorization) applications, in the tracking and reporting of all such applications.

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Our Global Reach Approach

We can provide to a Client's operations a one-stop, coordinated approach that can attend to any processing needs for a Client's employees of any nationality who may be obliged to take up responsibilities of short- or long-term duration in any of the countries in which the Client—or its customers—do business, now or in the future. Our global immigration services include:

  • Analysis of existing global work authorization procedures and policies to ensure compliance with local regulations worldwide.
  • Acting as the main point of contact for all technical questions and work permit/visa matters.
  • Confirming eligibility and determining the most appropriate immigration strategy.
  • Preparation and filing of applications for business visitor visas, temporary work and residence permits, entry clearances, entry visas, and passports.
  • Preparation and filing of applications for permanent residence.
  • Guidance on immigration policy and program design, as well as strategic planning and comprehensive regional or global program management.
  • Consulting advice, briefings, on-site client training, and global immigration regulation updates.
  • Customized online login system providing access to all relevant information including automated case tracking, reporting, 24/7 access to case information, fact and data gathering, news and client alerts.
  • Being the first point of contact for any unusual project based service requests.

As we are offering these services as a single firm, we can provide to our Clients a variety of fee approaches for the processing of each of the temporary or permanent applications submitted in any of the regional jurisdictions in which you operate.

Benefits to our clients
  • A single firm, global representation approach that offers global reach and consistency in Client service delivery,
  • Local, in-country expertise directly devoted to local immigration status processing.
  • The highest level of quality and experience in the advising, preparation and submission of temporary and permanent status documents in virtually all jurisdictions.
  • Central management and a single point of contact/accountability to the Client, supported by regional coordinators and local processing expertise to ensure effective management of the process and support for our process deliveries, as well as the anticipation, response, and resolution of any challenge or need that may arise.
  • Commitment to the most effective advanced technology in data gathering, tracking and reporting that allows our Client online-based access to status information whenever and from wherever they choose.
  • Notification and review of key immigration and related issues legislative changes in locations throughout the world, explicitly tailored to the needs of business and to give our Clients greater strategic insight into planning opportunities.
  • Limited use of third party professionals means that there are no barriers to high levels of service delivery and Client satisfaction.

The Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick currently maintains law offices in the United States, and affiliate offices in Tijuana, Mexico; and London, England. We are working on creating affiliations in other countries around the globe to serve our clients more efficiently.

If you are a well-qualified immigration lawyer and are interested in finding out about becoming an affiliated law firm, e-mail the managing attorney Jacob J. Sapochnick, and request our evaluation form for prospective affiliate office partners.

For more information, and to review our scope of services and global representation, contact Jacob J. Sapochnick online or at 619.819.9204.

Client Reviews
Great immigration lawyer, very professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Jacob always answered my questions, e-mails and calls; great customer service from him and everybody at his office. I highly recommend Jacob, probably the best immigration lawyer out there. Plinio Franca
I trust you know how much all of us at the Spreckels Organ Society appreciate your incredible generosity in providing legal assistance with the visas required by the international artists last year during our International Summer Organ Festival. We consider it an honor that you and your firm provided this service, and were delighted to publicize your firm in our concert materials. George H.
That's good news on the approval of our 3 executive L1A visas. You fought a tough RFE, but we won. We are pleased to be working with you. KB is also bringing passports tomorrow again to the US Embassy in Tashkent for visa processing. We look forward to his arrival to the US. Sarvar
I wanted to thank again and again for obtaining my E1 Treaty Trader visa for me. The process was not easy, especially since our trade was all based on Technology. You knew the law, and was able to craft an outstanding file to be presented to Immigration. We are now ready to take the business to the next level. Toda Raba
Thanks for helping me with my marriage-based immigration case. You were very accessible - taking my calls, returning my messages and emails promptly. You answered all my questions. I was most impressed and relieved that you attended the immigration interview with me and my wife. You made the whole process streamline and simple. You really know your stuff, and you're a nice, friendly guy as well. Shane P.